Hey there! I decided to make mini podcasts (or videos). Every month I try uploading a podcast. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get monthly updates on my podcasts

Mini Podcast 2

This is the second mini podcast where I talk about the tips to survive the COVID-19 pandemic while staying at home. On this mini podcast I am going to talk about the five tips to handle yourselves and make life productive to face new challenges further. We are all in this together and we can agree that this pandemic has harmed us mentally as well as emotionally. I hope you do like it. If you do then please don’t forget to use the LSC&S rule: Like, Share, Comment & Subscribe

Mini podcast 1

This video is an introduction to my podcast and the journey begins from this video. In this video I am talking about my strength as a storyteller and why I started this podcast. Hope you like it :). Don’t forget the LSC&S rule: Like, Share, Comment & Subscribe

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