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ISL Camp

Had the best time with all of them ISL or leadership camp is the best thing of the entire year! I have been waiting, dreaming, and manifesting our grade going to ISL and that is because of the pandemic that did not let us go to ISL in grades 8 and 9. It has been…

My Special Coffee Recipe

When I make my own coffee, I feel a lot of things. I feel a sense of peace, yet an adrenaline rush. I feel satisfaction, yet a quick speedy pace comes along while making it. A heartful amount of love poured into my cup of coffee, yet some complexity that I notice. My coffee recipe…

My Personality Switches/Alter Egos

As someone who is influenced by movies, books, or sportspeople. I have multiple personality switches, phases, alter egos or give it whatever term that you would tag. I have noticed these phases that I am in and what alter ego that wakes up. Whenever a certain alter ego of mine wakes up I think of…

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