My Personality Switches/Alter Egos

As someone who is influenced by movies, books, or sportspeople. I have multiple personality switches, phases, alter egos or give it whatever term that you would tag. I have noticed these phases that I am in and what alter ego that wakes up. Whenever a certain alter ego of mine wakes up I think ofContinue reading “My Personality Switches/Alter Egos”

Top Gun: A Teen Boy’s Dream

It has been two months since I watched Top Gun: Maverick and four years since I watched the first part for the first time. After watching both those movies my obsession with those two movies has regrown like a seed germinating into a plant. An 11-year-old Chinmay had watched Top Gun for the first timeContinue reading “Top Gun: A Teen Boy’s Dream”

The Last 21 Hours: With Best Friends

It had been two long years since my friends and I met. When the world went online, the non-virtual interaction faded away. Then one fine day our friend Rudraksh left the school and shifted to Bangalore. Cut to two years later, the second week of the month of July 2022, my friend Rudraksh surprises meContinue reading “The Last 21 Hours: With Best Friends”

Ancient University of Takshashila

When someone asks you, Which was one of the earliest universities globally? Answers will probably be Oxford or Cambridge maybe? Probably some university in the European subcontinent? But what if someone tells you that the oldest educational institution in the world was established long before universities like Oxford or Cambridge came into place? In AncientContinue reading “Ancient University of Takshashila”

New Blog Series: Untold India

Dear Readers! This 2022, Stories, You & Me has decided to change itself and revolve itself as ‘Untold India: India’s Untold Stories For You’. What drove me into creating this was the fact that others and I should know about India, my country, my culture. There are beautiful stories that are unheard of about myContinue reading “New Blog Series: Untold India”