My Special Coffee Recipe

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When I make my own coffee, I feel a lot of things. I feel a sense of peace, yet an adrenaline rush. I feel satisfaction, yet a quick speedy pace comes along while making it. A heartful amount of love poured into my cup of coffee, yet some complexity that I notice. My coffee recipe is to be summed up in one line: basic yet creative. I have two variations of coffee. The first one is made with roasted coffee beans. The second one is made with instant coffee. The roasted coffee beans is only for special occasions as it requires time and love to be poured into that beautiful cup which I feel is my work of art painted on a ceramic mug as my canvas.

Roasted Beans Coffee:

  1. 3 teaspoons of roasted coffee beans in a coffee grinder
  2. Grind them well till it grounds down to a powder
  3. Smell the beautiful essence
  4. Pour your powdered beans into a coffee filter
  5. Slowly add hot boiling water to the coffee filter
  6. Pour the hot concoction into a ceramic cup
  7. Pour a teaspoon of vanilla syrup/vanilla essence into the concoction (adds on extra kick to excite your coffee)
  8. Use an electric beater to beat the concoction to a thick consistency
  9. Pour hot milk on the thick coffee consistency
  10. Add a drizzle of cinnamon (It shouldn’t be too much cinnamon or else it will mess up your coffee) (increases the kick of the coffee)
  11. Pour another drizzle of vanilla on the cup
  12. Stir well
  13. Voila enjoy your coffee

You could also skip the process of beating the coffee and replace the coffee beans with instant coffee as well so you don’t need a coffee grinder or a coffee filter either. Eatables with this coffee:

  1. Almond biscotti
  2. Biscuits
  3. Cookies
  4. Brownies
  5. Chewing gum
  6. Pancakes
  7. French Toast
  8. Any form of bread or pastry (such as sourdough, croissant, rolls)
  9. Cheesecake
  10. Protein Bars
  11. Eggs for breakfast

The environment while drinking such coffee is best when:

  1. You are working
  2. Studying late at night
  3. Reading a book
  4. Doing something creative
  5. Great while writing
  6. When friends come over
  7. Pulling off an all-nighter
  8. While eating breakfast
  9. Traveling or driving before a long road trip
  10. While listening to calming music

Hope you like this recipe and works out well for you.

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