My Personality Switches/Alter Egos

As someone who is influenced by movies, books, or sportspeople. I have multiple personality switches, phases, alter egos or give it whatever term that you would tag. I have noticed these phases that I am in and what alter ego that wakes up. Whenever a certain alter ego of mine wakes up I think of an example whom I picture this alter ego with. I may be influenced by these people or maybe these alter egos existed in me but later on, I associated a picture or a certain personality after I started watching their behavior. Whatever the case may be, here are my alter egos.

Jake Peralta:

My funny, goofy, crazy side, full of energy, hyperactivity with a laid-back attitude. Being the life of a party and acting like a total cartoon. All my shenanigans and antics are my inner Jake Peralta which is the fun side of me. Being a total mischievous kid and finding humor and goofiness in most of the things in life. You can see me running around, acting foolish, banter, goofy, dramatic, and imitating people or characters are the most common symptoms. If you notice them, that means my alter ego Jake Peralta is awake and if he is awake then you are going to notice a lot of entertainment. The downside of this is that I can be impulsive. You can notice my inner Jake awakening after a cup of coffee as that makes me charged up and running.

Harvey Specter:

My other alter ego is my inner Harvey Specter. My inner Harvey or the inner Alpha male is the confident, narcissistic, tactical, cocky, logical, and charming side of me. That does not mean that my inner Harvey is bad. In fact, after watching Suits I gained lots of confidence by observing and analyzing Harvey Specter’s behavior. My inner Harvey brings the perfectionist, workaholic, and action-oriented side of me which is extremely motivated with high self-esteem, self-belief, and self-confidence. However, Harvey Specter can have a short temper if something or someone gets on my nerves. If my inner Harvey Specter has awoken then you will notice a lot of action orientation, self-confidence, cockiness, and charm as my symptoms. Not to forget that I refer to a lot of movies and shows.

Jos Buttler:

I have been watching Jos Buttler play for a couple of years now. Apart from his attacking and beautiful stroke-hitting shots, I also witness the calming sense and presence that is in him. If and when my inner Jos Buttler awakens then you will see a very calm, soft-spoken, and gentle side of me. I might as well be as cold as ice. My inner Jos Buttler is the typical good boy that I (try to) portray in school where I don’t speak too much, I am extremely soft-spoken, quiet, focused, and humble. My inner Jos Buttler is the guy who will not worry about the outcome, he will be living in the moment and calmly, quietly focusing on the present, and putting his eye on the process than the result. Most people do not notice this but a few people will see me being soft-spoken, shy, and focused. Buttler gives out that calming aura and I try to stay calm, soft-spoken, and a good boy but that side is being opened up to a small set of people as most people see me as an extremely social, energetic, and goofy side.

Jason Edmunds:

The back of an FBI agent

Jason Edmunds, is the main character in the book The Last 21 Hours: A Bullet That Shook The White House. Jason is a tall, black-haired, clean-shaven guy with a tattoo on his deltoid of the United States special forces. He has short hair and constantly wears a black leather jacket and black sneakers. Jason Edmunds is an FBI agent with the code name Oscar Charlie. He works on instinct and always listens to his instinct as he has a very strong intuition. Most FBI agents work on evidence, when evidence is not working in Jason’s favor then he follows what his instinct says. Just like Jason, I too have a very strong instinct, a strong intuition about the next thing that could happen. Jason drives crazy on caffeine and rock music. Jason is a macho, fearless, and calculative FBI agent who does not waste a second on thinking. Which is why he is very impulsive. Jason is inspired by action movies which is what made him join the FBI. He quotes action movies and always grooves to rock music just like I do. In any situation, he will either quote an action movie or come up with a one-liner. Just like Jason, I groove to rock music and I always feel that I am on an FBI mission doing crazy stunts, jumping around everywhere, being impulsive, and instinctive, and also having an obsession for sneakers.

The Actual Chinmay:

I am not my own alter ego. You will definitely notice my most original self for at least half of the day. The original Chinmay is full of life, very happy, sensitive, caring, chivalrous, extroverted like I know everyone, articulative in my thoughts, a brilliant writer, handsome, with great culinary skills and a deep level of intelligence, a mind-blowing memory where I most certainly do not forget birthdays, honest, with knowledge and brilliance like an extremely deep lake. I always like to see the positive side in other people and that is the real me. If I wanted to describe myself in a sentence. Then it would be a caring being who talks to you like he knows you and writes like he paints his imagination.

Thank you so much for reading!

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