My Ideal Weekend

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What did you do over the weekend? A question some teachers ask and I wonder what have I done, I must’ve done something considering the fact that I can’t sit in one place doing absolutely nothing. A long weekend this week and I assume that the teachers on Tuesday will ask this question, a thought crossed my mind of what would an ideal weekend be like for me. I kept thinking, gathering my thoughts. Excluding the classes side of it which I would not want to be a part of the ideal weekend I imagine, here is what an ideal weekend for me would be like. I would also exclude the part where my parents remind me for doing my homework or doing the usual chores.

So here is how I would want my ideal weekend to be: Waking up late in the morning when the sun shines to wake me up. I brush my teeth (obviously) and after brushing my teeth I sit in the living room reading a book in the morning which could be of any genre be it a thriller, non-fiction, or a book I read in the past. I have my favorite breakfast which is either eggs on toast, a heavy English breakfast, or a stuffed aloo paratha floating with butter (too many carbs!). It still goes incomplete without having a cup of chai or coffee. My ideal weekend is incomplete without at least one cup of coffee and it could be one in the morning or in the evening or both in the morning and the evening.

Later on, after having a heavy breakfast, I grab my guitar and begin to strum in a bunch of chords and sing the songs I know the chords of. Then I go downstairs with my bat to play cricket with my friends. Each of us writes down five names of batsmen and bowlers and if in case we have a left-hander then we have to switch our non-dominant hand to bowl or bat. In my case, I have this problem when it comes to having a right-hander to bat. I understand that I am digressing from my ideal weekend but this happens every weekend’s cricket so here are the left-handed batsmen I use in my imaginary team: Adam Gilchrist, Ishan Kishan, Yuvraj Singh, Ben Stokes, David Miller. Of course, we are absolutely nothing compared to these players but it is just a part of having fun. Playing cricket in the building goes on until you get hungry enough to have lunch.

When I come home after hours of sweating and enjoying cricket in the sun I take a shower and after that I play with my dog. Playing with her is always a delight until she gets bored. I eat my lunch which could be a pizza or pasta along with a brownie and a red velvet cheesecake. This is what I would imagine my ideal weekend to be like as I get to cheat on my diet. I take a small nap or watch something on the TV or listen to a podcast. Sometimes, if my creative side of the brain is awake then I start writing my novel or I write the next post for this blog, as I am doing right now. Soon then the evening comes when the sun sets, I sit on the sofa near the windowsill with some calming, relaxing and chill music as I sip the cup of coffee that I make.

The surrounding is very calming, this gives me an opportunity to jot down in my journal of the good things that happened this week and what am I grateful for which sparkles a smile on my face. I grab my sneakers, my headphones and my hoodie heading out for a jog in the evening and playing the special playlist that I groove on to which is a mix of songs that bring me joy, calmness and energy. Each song makes me smile and makes my sneakers take an extra step. Jogging with music on really helps me gain perspective on some things, it helps me be truly grateful and thankful for living a good life or the good memories I have had in the past 15 years of my life. Jogging becomes an excuse for me to rewind through some positive memories I have had in the past.

After coming back from a beautiful yet fit jog, I head to the bathroom for a long hot shower to take my sweat away (not a song reference). The warm shower on an ideal weekend is one of the things that gives me a lot of comfort. I cannot stay the whole night in the shower so I have to get out of the bathroom changing into my clothes. I have my ideal dinner which is healthy, nourishing and warm enough to comfort me into a good night’s sleep. A warm bowl of khichdi made by my mother or sister (I must learn the recipe from them). After a beautiful dinner I read a book, I browse through my apps on the phone while having another brownie (yes you must’ve realize by now that I love brownies) and then I close my eyes to end this beautiful day I have had.

Thanks for reading and I hope you also get your ideal weekend!

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