My Environment While Writing

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As a writer with a published novel and writing another one. I have realized what gets me into the zone of writing a novel and it is not just one certain thing. It is an entire environment that helps me and energizes me to write. I don’t want to sound as if I have the experience of what it is like to write a book as it has been six months since my first novel had been published but I would like to share the happy or the charged-up environment that I have observed while writing which makes me happy.

Any time of the day when my brain gets the idea to write something. I open the laptop flap and switch on the golden-yellow lamp lights. I tell Alexa to play the playlist that I have made specifically for writing. There is a big, warm cup of coffee specially made by me that charges me up but also comforts me. The music is being played on the speaker which has set the mood for writing with my favorite songs that get me into the groove. As I write, I can visualize what is happening as I type in a couple of words while writing. I take a sip of my wonderful coffee which adds more fuel to my brain to boost up my imagination.

The entire moment is beautiful, this is the reason why I enjoy writing more than anything else. It gives me peace of mind and calms me down, makes me happy, and makes me smile. As I get into writing, I ignore everything. My phone is not with me while writing there is no other tab unless and until there is some research that I am doing there is no social media, no YouTube, no Netflix because as much of an oldie I may sound, these are distractions that take my creativity away from me. To be honest, writing is surely a lonely process and it can get boring. But if you have the company of a writing playlist and a good hot cup of coffee then it is definitely not a lonely process at all.

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4 thoughts on “My Environment While Writing

  1. This is a fascinating read!! My environment is so different – coffee is definitely a no-go and music depends on the occassion. It’s interesting to see how differently we all do regardless of the fact that we are all published authors. For the next blog, maybe you can discuss what you do before you sit down to write? I think that’ll be pretty diverse in responses too.

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