The Last 21 Hours: With Best Friends

It had been two long years since my friends and I met. When the world went online, the non-virtual interaction faded away. Then one fine day our friend Rudraksh left the school and shifted to Bangalore. Cut to two years later, the second week of the month of July 2022, my friend Rudraksh surprises me by video calling me and saying ‘Yo Chinmay I’m in Pune!’ I was so surprised and shocked when I reacted to that. I made a plan on the spot for Rudraksh and two other friends of our gang to come over to our place for fun as we were meeting after a long time. The next day, Tarun,Mrugank, Rudraksh, and I were going to spend the best 7 hours. Mrugank and Rudraksh came in and we started playing a game of Risk the board game. Tarun turned up an hour late. We ordered pizzas and sodas and ended up having an entire feast that day. We watched 2 movies and little did we know that it was time up. Then we decided to have a sleepover instead of leaving them stating the matter that ‘It is quite unsafe for all my friends to go home.’ My parents did not waste a second in saying yes but now it was important for us to convince my friends’ parents. They too had no issues in having an impromptu last-minute sleepover request at the 11th hour.

We then decided to watch 2 standup comedy specials and after that, we prank-called a few people with our phones. It was a lot of fun. Later on, we had a long chat with coffee about some interesting conversations, anecdotes, and life updates. It was an excellent all-nighter. We watched three movies and 2 standup comedy specials in a matter of 21 hours. Then later in the morning we ding-dong ditched a few doors in the nearby building. That completely felt like an Ocean’s Mission where we rang a few doors and swiftly scampered away from that floor. We did not sleep even for an hour. We all had dark circles and our eyes were about to close but more than that. We ate a lot of food, did a lot of mischiefs and had a lot of fun!

Published by Chinmay Patgaonkar

The world is made of stories as well as atoms

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