My 15th Birthday!

20th April 2022. I woke up early and excited as always. For the past 2 years, I was unable to celebrate my birthday because of the pandemic and I was missing out on celebrating with friends. I decided to bring a cake to school and cut it and enjoy it with friends. The whole day I felt as if I was the king of the world. Hanging out with all my friends in school and enjoying the day was something I had not experienced for a while. I finally got the opportunity for this and I am extremely grateful for that day.

After coming back from school, I spent time with my family. I enjoyed every moment of my birthday without worrying about tomorrow. As I came back from school, the happy memories of all the trips, banter with friends, and moments with family flashed up in front of my eyes that bringing a smile to my face. I said to myself ‘I am going to be myself from now onwards.’ I was extremely grateful for all the wishes and all the fun I had that day.

Three days later, I went out with a few of my friends for lunch as a part of my belated birthday celebrations my friends insisted I make a plan and celebrate my birthday considering the madness of the past 2 years that has kept the celebration away.

I am extremely happy and I would like to thank everyone who was there with me.

Published by Chinmay Patgaonkar

The world is made of stories as well as atoms

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