New Blog Series: Untold India

Dear Readers! This 2022, Stories, You & Me has decided to change itself and revolve itself as ‘Untold India: India’s Untold Stories For You’. What drove me into creating this was the fact that others and I should know about India, my country, my culture. There are beautiful stories that are unheard of about my beautiful country.

It’s been 75 years of independence and hence an apt time to share the inspiring stories that have shaped the fabric of India. This platform of ‘Untold India’ will tell you all those stories about India that will reflect the rich history and I plan to tell our history to the world. This blog will not only help you in knowing a lot about India, but it will also help you in knowing a lot about our roots, our culture, and our heritage.

A blog regarding our untold stories will come every two weeks as I have to manage my academics and also work on this and research too.

Stay Tuned!

Published by Chinmay Patgaonkar

The world is made of stories as well as atoms

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