My First MUN

Me Donned In A Suit And Excited For The MUN

On the weekend of 9th and 10th October 2021, I got an opportunity to attend an MUN. I have heard so many stories about several MUNs so far yet I had never gotten the chance to actually participate in an actual MUN until 9th and 10th October. On the day of MUN I was donned in a black suit, white shirt and a dark blue tie with a pattern of golden-colored diamonds on it. I was so excited for this MUN that I hadn’t slept the night before. I was over-researching in over-excitement, as I was excited, yet I was still nervous.

I was planning to be a part of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) but I happened to fall inside the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)

On the day of MUN I donned my suit thinking like I am Harvey Specter from the series Suits, and logged into my committee as the delegate of Austria. Everything was new to me, the general speaker’s list, the roll call, the voting, the speech, the rebuttals, the voting, the passing of motions. I was still holding the nervousness inside my stomach until the moment where I uttered my first word of my minute-long speech. The moment I spoke, all my nervousness flew away and I started building more confidence.

At first few seconds I stuttered. Later on I spoke with charm, sheer confidence, politeness and used the diplomatic tone and language only by listening to what the other delegates spoke. Of course there were several errors as it was my first MUN and I did not know what to do or what to say. The reason probably was that I had an eighteen-page report filled with Austria and its laws yet I had no speech that I would refer to and say what exactly I want to say.

On the second day we debated, discussed and drafted a resolution based on the solutions that would fit for the topic the committee was supposed to talk about: Bridging The Digital Gender Divide. This topic was close to me. For that we had to bring other delegates on the table. For which I did bring a lot of them where we could talk to them and make sure they join our resolution’s bloc (or alliance). I was supposed to draft the anti-cyber laws and protection of the LGBTQ+ community as well as the marginalized genders as well as introducing cyber-crime laws and the internet in remote areas.

My takeaway from this MUN and all the learnings and the skills I obtained were: language skills, communication skills, debating skills, research skills, leadership skills, problem solving skills, public-speaking skills, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills.

Well anyways as long as I had fun, I met new people, I learnt new things and I am looking forward to another MUN as I can’t wait. I would like to thank Beacon Academy, the MUN Secretary-General, the Committee chairs, the MUN club’s head Ms. Lopa, the school that hosted the MUN: Beacon Academy, and of course the school that gave this wonderful opportunity for us students to take part in this MUN. Thank you!

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