Back To School!

A picture of the School Admin Block Clicked By Me!

Hello, readers! Last week on Thursday, school reopened in Maharashtra. Which meant that I got an opportunity to go back to school. The day I heard this news I was excited, in fact, my parents and I had gone shopping for physical school which means that you can imagine my level of excitement. I had all my stuff packed inside my bag and the moment I sat inside my bus, it all felt nostalgic. Every single moment or every place or class that I walked into, it gave me a sense of nostalgia as I had not visited the school for 18 months.

When all teachers saw me, they had only one response ‘You have grown so tall Chinmay.’ Though I acknowledged their compliments, they were several compliments to an extent where acknowledgment and a smile itself felt like routine. I thought that growing up to 6 feet and winning a Gold medal in the Olympics was the same achievement.

My honest review on physical learning seems to be much better than online learning itself. You have several people around you, there are not any distractions and the teacher comes to your rescue if you are unable to understand anything. On the second day of school, which was Friday, my two favorite classes that I was looking forward to two classes that were scheduled: Music and Sports. It felt nice to walk inside an actual music room with no virtual human beings. Playing music with my teacher and my classmates was actually a lot of fun. After that, I got a chance to play football on the field. Though the score was a tie I still enjoyed playing on the field with people and with the raindrops showering above from the sky.

After a few classes, the school dispersed and many tired students jumped back inside their buses which took us back home. I am excited for school next time and I hope that this pandemic ends soon and all of us can walk inside our classes and have more fun.

Few pics from school fall here:

Me in a mask
A beautiful lake which is a few minutes away from school

Hope you liked it đŸ™‚

Thank you and stay safe


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