Meeting Friends

A Picture From The Get Together of 3/10/21

Hello readers! I have come up with a new story, a new blog for you to see. On a Sunday of 3rd October 2021, I got a chance to meet my friends from school at this restaurant named Urbo. I must say that the food there was amazing. Taking you back to a few weeks ago. A few parents came up with the idea of arranging a get together on a Sunday at a restaurant so that the kids do not miss out on their social life because of this pandemic.

I was watching the IPL when this news came to me. I jumped out of my couch and started dancing in excitement of getting to meet some people from school as I have been stuck at home for a really long time. I started asking my friends and other schoolmates if they are attending the get together. They too were excited. Coming to Sunday of 3rd October. I felt like a chicken coming out of an egg. That was my exact emotion when I stepped outside donned in a pair of jeans, a blue t-shirt and white sneakers. I was so excited and jubilant of the fact that I am going to go and meet all my schoolmates after a long period of 18 months.

Meeting new students who joined during the pandemic was also exciting. We discussed a lot of things with them related to the IPL, sports, music, movies and books. I am that kind of a person where just simply meeting a bunch of people and talking to them makes me extremely happy. The moment I met all my friends and the parents who knew me they were all astonished with the fact that I have grown tall and way more handsome (Okay I was always handsome). Everyone there was caught by surprise based on my height (which is 6ft). Some friend of mine from that get together sarcastically joked that I am competing with the Empire State Building.

Anyways I had an amazing time at that get together with the amazing friends, the amazing food, the amazing place. School is reopening soon in the state of Maharashtra so a blog related to school should come out very soon.

Hope you liked this story,

Thank you for reading and stay safe 🙂


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