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Hello readers! It’s been a really long time after my previous post. And the reason for that are my exams? Oh wait. Wasn’t that the previous excuse? Well its safe to say that I could not think of a topic to write and I have a writer’s block. I am quite concerned and disturbed by the fact that I am not consistent with the blog. As I can’t really think of any topics, even if there are any then I don’t think that I would enjoy writing them or maybe it doesn’t make any sense to me.

Which is why I request you all to give me some suggestions on which I could write something. Please do give me some recommendations on what kind of topics I should write about. Most importantly please give me some feedback on my writing style and please give me suggestions (if any) on how I could improve my writing style. Also please suggest some topics for my YouTube channel as well.

Comment down below on some topics that I can consider to write my blogs on or maybe you could write to me on the Contact page (Click this link to write to me I’ll be waiting for your suggestions.

Thank you and stay safe 🙂


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The world is made of stories as well as atoms

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