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Hello once again! I am back after two weeks. Since exams were around the corner I couldn’t write. But now that I am back I also did come up with a book recommendation list which has books that you should read. Books may not be visually appealing but once you open the book and start reading you instantly fall into that particular world viewing the scenario and thinking what would you do if you were in this situation and you are in your world once you open a book and start reading. These are all fictional page-turning books since that particular genre is something I really enjoy reading. Next blog I will come up with a series of non fictional books as well. But for now let me recommend you some books.

The Silent Patient written by Alex Michaelides is a psychological thriller book which has a woman named Alicia Berenson an artist who has faced a dark incident in the past involving her husband. A criminal psychotherapist Theo Faber is entirely keen on her case and makes her open up since Alicia did not speak since the day of her husband’s murder. The book Silent Patient is a page turner and you would not want to stop because you want to know what happens next and you want to know more about the reason she killed her husband, and how will Theo try to make her talk and how are her traumatic problems resolved. The Silent Patient also has several twists in the story with several surprises that will make you hooked to the book, it also gives a broad perspective of how a person guilty of something would probably react in such situations and makes you understand the psychology of a particular person in a particular situation. No spoilers but the book has an amazing twist in the end.

The Da Vinci Code written by Dan Brown is a story of how an American Harvard Symbologist Dr. Robert Langdon and French cryptologist Sophie Neveu try to solve the mystery of a truth untold, hidden and guarded secret being guarded by a secret society, travelling from Paris to London Langdon and Neveu solve the mystery of the untold truth through clues by Da Vinci’s paintings, styles and works. The book also gives a sneak peek about history and how thoughts, ideologies and belief of humans was in the Pre-Renaissance to the Renaissance era. Being a Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon fan I entirely love this book and this book is “da” best work of Dan Brown. When I read this book it reminded me of the artworks that I saw in Louvre, Paris like the Mona Lisa, the Madonna of Rocks and the Last Supper. Dan Brown’s books are the reason why I really like history as a subject and every time I study about history or about a particular topic in history I feel like I am a Robert Langdon trying to analyze patterns or find some information about something makes me think that what I am doing with studying history is entirely cool and I think myself as a Robert Langdon (or better) when I am studying history.

Chanakya’s Chant written by Ashwin Sanghi shows two time periods. The past which is set around 340 BC and the time period of the current day modern India. In the past shows the very well known kingmaker and advisor of the Gupta-Mauryan empire Chanakya and in the present day India the character Gangasagar Mishra. The past shows how the young teenager takes the name ‘Chanakya’ son of Chanak (his father) after the brutal murder of his father. With the absence of morals he vows revenge against his enemies and becomes the kingmaker of Bharat setting an empire for 230 years long. Meanwhile in India at the current time period there is a poor Brahmin politician Gangasagar Mishra who is the reincarnation of Chanakya is setting his feet on the nearing elections and with his ability to chose the next Prime Minister of India through his cunning mind, makes his kingmaker. In both the scenarios the nature of politics and human nature has still not changed, as the human nature in both the past and the present is filled with greed and survival. Being a Chanakya fan there were some learnings that I took from this book about how to gain trust and who’s trust to gain and not to gain, how to handle finances and economics, or on how to have a sole purpose and having a desire to learn. This book in spite of being fictional did take me to the past and gave a journey of the India or Bharat during the 350 BC. Chanakya’s Chant helped me in being more inquisitive about the Bharat in 350 BC that lasted long as a superpower with its Gupta Mauryan empire conquering the entire Indian subcontinent till countries like Afghanistan which shows the geography of how large India was in that particular time period.

Shall We Tell The President written by Jeffrey Archer is a fictional political thriller book in which there’s a newly elected US President: President Florentyna Kane becomes the first woman president, the moment she takes office there is a planned assassination against her by powerful forces. Once the information about the assassination conspiracy gets into the hands of he informants, an hour later the four informants are dead. An FBI agent named Mark Andrews is the one and only survivor who is aware of the assassination conspiracy, Andrews only has a week to race against time and find the conspirators against President Kane. This book is an absolute page turner if you are a fan of the FBI-like genre. The book Shall We Tell the President happens to be the Trilogy of the Kane and Abel series and is the third book of the Kane and Abel trilogy after Kane & Abel, The Prodigal Daughter and Shall We Tell The President

Number The Stars is a fictional novel written by Lois Lowry shows us the scenario of the World War 2 and the Holocaust a time in Denmark during the Nazi invasion where a girl named Anniemarrie Johansen and her family living in Copenhagen help her Jewish neighbor Ellen Rosen and her family from being caught by the Nazis and getting abducted to the Auschwitz camp. Annemarrie’s family and her uncle Peter Neilsen help Ellen and other Jews from freeing them from Denmark using several ways with the help of the Anti-Nazi Resistance of Denmark, the book virtually shows you how the Danish faced issues from limited access to groceries to no access to schools, with showing you the challenges one might have faced whose country was invaded by Nazis. The book taught me about empathy, risk taking and caring for whatever it takes to save your loved ones and ho to stand by them. The book has a happy ending and its the one fictional book from my book recommendation list that does not have any adventures or action nor any thriller. This one book makes you happy in the end because of the scenarios that transitioned. I would recommend this book to you out of all the books here.

Now that I have made this list I would now rank these books in order

  1. Shall We Tell The President

2. Number The Stars

3. Chanakya’s Chant

4. Da Vinci Code

5. The Silent Patient

This was my Book Recommendation List. Please tell me yours and suggest some books in the comments as I would be delighted to read them

I’ll be back in the next blog

Thank you and Stay Safe 🙂

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5 thoughts on “My Booklist

    1. I’ve read Number the Stars, the Silent Patient, and the Da Vinci Code, and can I just say… wonderful recommendations! Number the Stars is short but sweet, the Silent Patient has an amazing twist that you’ll never see coming, and the Da Vinci Code (though I’m not Dan Brown’s biggest fan) is a well-written book.

      I would additionally recommend the following four books.

      Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng is a family drama exploring a mixed race American family after the death of their favourite daughter/sister Lydia. Written by an Asian author, it explores many ideas such as racism, misogyny, sexism, stereotypes, etc. while simultaneously being about none of these things. Would recommend to all who love rich character portraits.

      Wonder by RJ Palacio is a coming-of-age novel about the struggles of August Pullman, a boy suffering from various comorbidities that make him look unusual. After being homeschooled all his life, he finally joins middle school. Dealing with issues such as bullying, unequal siblings, family issues, health problems, etc. this book is a beautiful story that we all can relate to while simultaneously reminding us how to treat those that are different from us.

      We Were Liars by E Lockhart is another coming-of-age book about Cadence Sinclair Eastman, a member of the Sinclairs, an old money Democrat family. It explores her relationship with her family, racial issues, family feuds, PTSD, etc. and has an ending that no matter how much you convince yourself you did, you wouldn’t have seen coming.

      All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr is a bit of a heavy read, I admit. I finished it over the course of a month. It is a poetic retelling of World War 2 from the perspective of a French girl and a German boy. Would recommend to those with (a) a love for WW2, and (b) patience.

      Happy holidays!


  1. Good post. I learn something new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon on a daily basis. It’s always interesting to read articles from other authors and practice something from their web sites.


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