The Women In My Life

Hello everyone! Its now that I will be telling all of you all about a few significant women in my life that have inspired me, motivated me and helped me every time. Here are four women that have been with me throughout and stood by me. There are learning, quite many that I have learnt from all of them. Since its Women’s day I would like to use this blog as an opportunity to thank them.

  1. My Mother

My mother is the calmest, most tolerant person ever. I wonder how can she tolerate almost everything and how does she learn how to stay this calm in the worst of situations around. Every time there’s a situation which is entirely tense and burning. All she asks is “What’s the worst that could happen”. Just that one magical question is what she asks. Learning how to stay calm is what I have learnt from her and with a calm head like her. One can get through any tense situation ever. She is the most happiest person and the calmest person. A smile on her face does help also because I have the same smile as hers. Another thing that I have that’s in her is having a way with people and having a great social connect with people. There have been multiple times that I have been on thin ice but her great social connect and her way with conversing with people is so unique, magnificent and clear that I was forgiven and not in deeper trouble all because of her calmness and her way with people that saves me out of the worst situations every. So the two learnings from my mom is being calm and having a way with people

2. My grandmother

My maternal grandmother is an ex-Biochemistry professor and currently has an organization that she is a trustee of and her determination towards her work in the North East for the children there and even for the sake of helping society. As good as she is with her expertise in her field of science. She also is a great experimenter with cooking. She always has and always does work hard and give her best at what she wants to do. She never fails to learn new things even though she was in her 60s she learnt computers, technology and always took incidents or events of life as a learning. She is my motivation of giving your one hundred percent and always learning as learning never stops.

3. My Friend: Abiya

My best friend Abiya, she is a soft and a really kind person. She also is the intelligent beings and the biggest avid reader I have ever seen which makes me read not only the thriller and sci-fi genre but also all sorts of genres. We keep discussing books, movies, issues and try to give each other some good pep talks. When one has a bad day I believe one should go to her to talk about your problems. She happens to be the most avid reader, the most sensible and happens to be the most sorted person even though she thinks that she pretends to be sorted. She never is satisfied with any of her achievements she always thinks that she is supposed to go a level up and always accept challenges. When there is a situation in front of you all she asks is ‘Would it matter’ or ‘Is it worth it?’. The learnings from Abiya here would be: Always accept challengers and care about things until and unless its worth it.

4. Ms. Fizza Nambiar

My School Coordinator Ms. Fizza is also an English teacher. She happens to be the most positive and the funniest person I know. She happens to have a great sense of humor and is also a soft spoken person. She is a gentle being and I always wonder why and how is she the most positive beings and what is inside her that gives her the energy that makes her push the extra mile for the students at school. She is a really kind, joyous, happy and a really funny person. Everyone has their source of positivity and she is the person from whom I get all the positivity, out of all teachers she is the most positive person. I have never seen her having negative thoughts nor she has ever been pessimistic so I believe what I have personally learnt from her is always be positive.

Thank you to all these women and a Happy Women’s day. There are more women that I could talk about and what I have learnt from them but it would be an endless talk. To all the important women in one’s life I wish all of you all a happy women’s day once again

Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

I’ll be Back

Thank you and stay safe

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