Me and my Dog

The human and the four legged animal

Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing well. This destination of my storyland is very special to me. As the title says its the relationship between me and my dog, My dog Angel may misbehave and have a behavior of a devil. But for me she will always be my Angel, my gift of joy, the significant member of my family is my dog. I love her more than anyone else. Lets use our time machine here and head back to five years ago when we got Angel from a kennel, before getting the dog we were discussing names of our dog, my sister wanted to name her ‘Empress’, my parents thought about naming her either after a Disney princess or a dessert like ‘Cookie’ or ‘Cupcake’. I had several but in the end I thought of finally naming the dog ‘Angel’. With that great a name, everyone couldn’t agree more with my unique choice of the name.

We looked at the kennel of one large female dog who was also named Angel. There were 8 puppies wandering around the kennel. I was looking at all the pups, wanting to adopt all of them, but we couldn’t decide whom to chose until one small, two month old puppy chose us, the next week we adopted the puppy and got an Angel in the house, she was wandering around the house exploring, for a few months she was having a blast inside the house until she was grown enough to walk outside, everyone else were being careful with her while petting her, whereas I was the one who made the first contact with her and taught my family members how to pet her, those moments still melt my heart even till today. I used to lift her and give her a small tour of the house. Till the age of 2, she was a fully grown dog who could fight with other dogs and scare other dogs tons of times when she went out for a walk. My relationship with Angel is much more greater than anyone else in the house, with my sister or my dad, she messes up or tries to play some tricks around them but when its me which is once a blue moon, she walks really well with me and would never pick a trick or do something fishy.

When someone tries scolding me. Its Angel who is more protective about me than anyone else. If someone is trying to scold me, she instantly jumps right in the middle and barks at the ones scolding me. Whenever I’m having a fight with someone, Angel would be my one and only wing woman fighting for me by barking. About 2 and a half years ago she also gave birth to six puppies, she is a mother of six puppies, all of them have inherited the trait of being mischievous, full of energy and crazy. She was in her own world when the six pups were born, she didn’t even care about them, she was and is still the same old dog that fools around the house, sleeps in a weird way and still acts like a puppy in spite of being a fully grown dog. Its true that adopting a dog is like adopting a child, it never grows nor has the brain capacity of a grown animal. A dog always loves to be pampered day in and day out. I honestly feel like what would it be if I were a dog, I would have enjoyed my entire time being a dog, from always hungry for food, sniffing around the house for something interesting, to digging around as pastime, including chasing other animals or just enjoying the day by eating, sleeping, fooling around and repeating. I would love to discuss about Angel endlessly . I would never stop talking about my relationship with Angel, how much she protects me, how much she cares for me and listens to me. A dog is a man’s best friend, its true and ‘pawdorable’.

I hope dog lovers out there would agree with me and talk about one’s relationship with its dog,

Hope you all enjoyed this story. Thank you so much and stay safe 🙂

We’ll meet again real soon

Thank you and stay safe

Your storyteller

Published by Chinmay Patgaonkar

The world is made of stories as well as atoms

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