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Hey there! About two weeks ago me and my family drove off to Aurangabad. It was a year after we moved out of the house for a road trip. The last trip we took was way down south in December 2019. That was a memorable road trip ever, I still remember every road trip that I have been on with my family every since the age of 5 which was to Gir in Gujarat. The energy for a road trip does not only depend on the driver but also depends on the people inside the car and how energetic they can get which creates an energetic atmosphere for the car as well.

Every road trip for me starts twelve hours before departing from home. You pack all the bags and luggage, you drop your four legged creature to its Pet Hostel and you prioritize what your clothes and accessories accordingly. My mom organizes everyone’s clothes and packs some snacks for the journey. Meanwhile my dad does some of his work and looks at some mails from the hotel or at the place we are going to stay at. My sister makes her playlist for the journey and I complete my homework as well as create my own playlist. I already have my things packed of what I’m supposed to wear tomorrow for the journey and what I’m supposed to wear when we reach.

The next day we head to our destination starting with my parents’ playlist which dates back from the present to the 70s or 80s. Their playlist gives me a glimpse of me travelling through a time machine showing me how the country and how the technology was back then, about an hour later my sister plays her playlist for most of the time and finally its me who plays my playlist although that rarely happens as my sister manipulates me to play her playlist. Although her playlist has good songs so I allow her to play her playlist but I most of the time try making conversations so that I get my piece of the pie as well. But most of my time in the car is spent talking, cracking jokes, listening to music, looking out of the window at the beautiful sceneries and dozing off rest of the time with my headphones on. Looking out of the window, gives me some time to think about should I do. Looking outside the window with music blending gives me peace and helps me live in the moment. Its that only moment where you live in the present. A road trip is a family time as there are no devices, no TVs, no work. Its just four people hopping on the car enjoying the trip, talking. The thing about road trips is that much more than departing and arriving, its about the journey, the roads, trees and cars passing by. The more trees and cars we pass by is the more closer we are is what I believe. We have been to several places. We even drove in some European countries, Here are some pics to glance at the Ladakh and South India trip.

The great car
At a lake in Munnar
Pangon Lake, Ladakh
The handsome me in Munnar

Road trips are glancing at the beautiful road, the flying trees and my country rock music that hypes me up most of the time. Hope you enjoyed it, and if you did then let me know your brief story about road trips in the comments

Thank you and stay safe 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Road Trips

  1. Hi Chinmay, it was a great pleasure reading your Road trip
    It was ‘down the memory lane’
    for me.
    We all had gone to Leh Ladakh.
    The sojourn was because of Magnanimity and love of your parents for us, we both and your दादा दादी.
    It was truly memorable trip
    ( though missed you.😀 )
    Equally enjoyed Europe tour with four of you.
    Unforgettable memories of Manipur tour and travels in kokan regions in heaviest rains…


  2. So well drafted chinmay… we are also avid travellers and road trips are all fun and i always wish the journey never ends… the drive never ends…
    Like u so truely mentioned its most of the time not the destination… its the journey till that place…


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