Pilot: Introduction to your storyteller

Photo clicked by: Yogesh Patgaonkar

Hello there! I’m your storyteller Chinmay Patgaonkar (The handsome avid reader in the picture above). As a kid (currently a kid). I love stories. Reading a story or listening to a story from what a person has seen or is imagining is something that fascinates me and I try looking forward to it. Consider life as a Netflix series. You have many seasons that portray all episodes of your life. You are now about to reach the Storyland of Chinmay. You are about to read some stories that will make you laugh, make you smile. So buckle up your seatbelts, because every week you are about to dig deep into a new destination.

A new story that you are going to sightsee. At the time of a Covid-19 outbreak and 2020 its challenging and sometimes its making us remember our past memories. It has been a terrible year. But since its 2021. You are about to read something from my eye.

I would be sharing something with ya’ll that seem general topics and events in your everyday life. But an unpredictable virus has stopped all of us from even going out to buy groceries. Conjuring is less scaring than COVID I believe. A general event that takes place more than once in our lives is something I am about to share. You are going to hear my story that will entertain you and make you remember how you would be and what would you be doing in such a situation. Stay tuned and your storyteller starts narrating. Next week

Thank you and Stay Safe

Your Storyteller

Chinmay 🙂

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The world is made of stories as well as atoms

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