My Personality Switches/Alter Egos

As someone who is influenced by movies, books, or sportspeople. I have multiple personality switches, phases, alter egos or give it whatever term that you would tag. I have noticed these phases that I am in and what alter ego that wakes up. Whenever a certain alter ego of mine wakes up I think of an example whom I picture this alter ego with. I may be influenced by these people or maybe these alter egos existed in me but later on, I associated a picture or a certain personality after I started watching their behavior. Whatever the case may be, here are my alter egos.

Jake Peralta:

My funny, goofy, crazy side, full of energy, hyperactivity with a laid-back attitude. Being the life of a party and acting like a total cartoon. All my shenanigans and antics are my inner Jake Peralta which is the fun side of me. Being a total mischievous kid and finding humor and goofiness in most of the things in life. You can see me running around, acting foolish, banter, goofy, dramatic, and imitating people or characters are the most common symptoms. If you notice them, that means my alter ego Jake Peralta is awake and if he is awake then you are going to notice a lot of entertainment. The downside of this is that I can be impulsive. You can notice my inner Jake awakening after a cup of coffee as that makes me charged up and running.

Harvey Specter:

My other alter ego is my inner Harvey Specter. My inner Harvey or the inner Alpha male is the confident, narcissistic, tactical, cocky, logical, and charming side of me. That does not mean that my inner Harvey is bad. In fact, after watching Suits I gained lots of confidence by observing and analyzing Harvey Specter’s behavior. My inner Harvey brings the perfectionist, workaholic, and action-oriented side of me which is extremely motivated with high self-esteem, self-belief, and self-confidence. However, Harvey Specter can have a short temper if something or someone gets on my nerves. If my inner Harvey Specter has awoken then you will notice a lot of action orientation, self-confidence, cockiness, and charm as my symptoms. Not to forget that I refer to a lot of movies and shows.

Jos Buttler:

I have been watching Jos Buttler play for a couple of years now. Apart from his attacking and beautiful stroke-hitting shots, I also witness the calming sense and presence that is in him. If and when my inner Jos Buttler awakens then you will see a very calm, soft-spoken, and gentle side of me. I might as well be as cold as ice. My inner Jos Buttler is the typical good boy that I (try to) portray in school where I don’t speak too much, I am extremely soft-spoken, quiet, focused, and humble. My inner Jos Buttler is the guy who will not worry about the outcome, he will be living in the moment and calmly, quietly focusing on the present, and putting his eye on the process than the result. Most people do not notice this but a few people will see me being soft-spoken, shy, and focused. Buttler gives out that calming aura and I try to stay calm, soft-spoken, and a good boy but that side is being opened up to a small set of people as most people see me as an extremely social, energetic, and goofy side.

Jason Edmunds:

The back of an FBI agent

Jason Edmunds, is the main character in the book The Last 21 Hours: A Bullet That Shook The White House. Jason is a tall, black-haired, clean-shaven guy with a tattoo on his deltoid of the United States special forces. He has short hair and constantly wears a black leather jacket and black sneakers. Jason Edmunds is an FBI agent with the code name Oscar Charlie. He works on instinct and always listens to his instinct as he has a very strong intuition. Most FBI agents work on evidence, when evidence is not working in Jason’s favor then he follows what his instinct says. Just like Jason, I too have a very strong instinct, a strong intuition about the next thing that could happen. Jason drives crazy on caffeine and rock music. Jason is a macho, fearless, and calculative FBI agent who does not waste a second on thinking. Which is why he is very impulsive. Jason is inspired by action movies which is what made him join the FBI. He quotes action movies and always grooves to rock music just like I do. In any situation, he will either quote an action movie or come up with a one-liner. Just like Jason, I groove to rock music and I always feel that I am on an FBI mission doing crazy stunts, jumping around everywhere, being impulsive, and instinctive, and also having an obsession for sneakers.

The Actual Chinmay:

I am not my own alter ego. You will definitely notice my most original self for at least half of the day. The original Chinmay is full of life, very happy, sensitive, caring, chivalrous, extroverted like I know everyone, articulative in my thoughts, a brilliant writer, handsome, with great culinary skills and a deep level of intelligence, a mind-blowing memory where I most certainly do not forget birthdays, honest, with knowledge and brilliance like an extremely deep lake. I always like to see the positive side in other people and that is the real me. If I wanted to describe myself in a sentence. Then it would be a caring being who talks to you like he knows you and writes like he paints his imagination.

Thank you so much for reading!

Top Gun: A Teen Boy’s Dream

It has been two months since I watched Top Gun: Maverick and four years since I watched the first part for the first time. After watching both those movies my obsession with those two movies has regrown like a seed germinating into a plant. An 11-year-old Chinmay had watched Top Gun for the first time and 4 years later I watched Top Gun: Maverick which I must say is the best movie of the year and the best sequel ever made. Both movies have a commonality which has become a teenage boy’s dream. I don’t know about others but in this case the teen boy is me.

My excitement peaked when I saw the protagonist Maverick Mitchell (played by Tom Cruise) being one of the characters that I would imagine to be. There are multiple reasons why Top Gun is a teenage boy’s dream:

Fast Motorbikes:

Tom Cruise riding swiftly fast and extremely cool-looking black motorbikes in both the movies is very fascinating. Especially the scenes in both the Top Guns where he races against the fighter jets is something that I as a teenager would love to do and is a part of my bucket list to race against a plane or a fighter jet while being on a motorcycle which is a Top Gun-like dream for me. I am not promoting rash driving but the scenes where Tom Cruise rides his motorbike at rapid speed are so thrilling and jumpy when you watch him do that and when Tom Cruise as Maverick does those stunts with a fighter jet even a teenage boy would fantasize about flying a fighter jet like Maverick, however, the pilots have an intense journey of training but as a teenager watching Top Gun I would fantasize myself in the shoes of Maverick doing crazy stunts with a fighter jet as a naval aviator.

Fighter Jets:

Another reason why I am fascinated by the Top Gun franchise is because of the fighter jets. However, more than the fighter jets I am fascinated by the aeronautical movements and stunts that make me sit on the edge of the seat and bite my nails. As Maverick says in the Top Gun sequel ‘It is not the plane, it is the pilot’. I am more delighted with the way how Maverick does the movements with his jets like riding the plane upside down in the beginning scenes of the first Top Gun and such stunts are what make it interesting to watch. Both the movies have this swiftly maneuvering flying sequence and when you watch the movies even you would feel like you are sitting inside a fighter jet. The planes take off in the beginning scenes of the two movies with the song Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins and later on during the climax when the Top Gun theme composed by Hans Zimmer and Harold Faltermeyer is being played in the background making it even more exciting and jumpier.

Cool Jackets and Aviators:

The cool leather jacket customized in a pilot style and black aviators look very cool and also carry the sense of Maverick’s swag. Anyone would look so cool in the black aviators and the pilot-styled leather jackets and I love to be in this kind of a look that is extremely cool, and extremely stylish and it speaks confidence just when someone wears it.

Super Cool Callsigns:

Maverick, Iceman, Goose, Rooster, Viper, Hollywood, Warlock, Fanboy, Payback. Such call signs are genius call signs that one would like to have. I have been wanting to have such kind of a call-sign. When Top Gun Maverick came out, I searched up a site that was the callsign generator with fun questions and my callsign turned out to be Stallion, a mighty, beautiful horse. Considering my tall height, I pretty much feel that the callsign ‘Stallion’ suits me. I got my friends to get a callsign generated for them on that site and now I tend to call them by their callsigns now. The reason why call signs are mentioned in Top Gun is that the call sign tradition is celebrated by aviation communities across all military branches. These pilot nicknames can quickly identify an aircraft or individual, and they also help to confuse the enemy, who might be listening in on your communications. For a teenager like me, hearing those callsigns of pilots over and over again through the course of the movie made me feel so cool and I too felt like having a callsign which is Stallion.

Cool One-Liners:

The one reason that I love Top Gun is because of the music and also because of the cool, witty yet meaningful one-liners in the movie. These one-liners can be pretty much used in real life and I know them by heart. For instance, if I did something that was a little stupid (or way stupid) but I saved myself then I would refer to the song reference that Goose referred to ‘Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls of Fire!’ which meant that I did something stupid yet incredibly gutsy. And let’s say that I am too lazy or too scared or nervous to do something then Maverick’s one-liner from Top Gun Maverick hits me which is ‘Don’t Think. Just Do.’ This dialogue should be tattooed because this is one dialogue that is my motto and I live by it (well most of the time). When I score well in my tests or if I play cricket well then I say ‘I feel the need. The need for speed.’ If my dad notices me not studying, and I tell him that I will get good grades then he says exactly what Maverick’s commander said in the first movie ‘Son your ego is writing checks that your body can’t cash.’

These are the reasons why Top Gun is one of the movies that I look up to.

Hope you like both movies. If you haven’t watched it then go watch it right now! Don’t think, just do.

Signing off,


My Ideal Weekend

Photo by Daniela Constantini

What did you do over the weekend? A question some teachers ask and I wonder what have I done, I must’ve done something considering the fact that I can’t sit in one place doing absolutely nothing. A long weekend this week and I assume that the teachers on Tuesday will ask this question, a thought crossed my mind of what would an ideal weekend be like for me. I kept thinking, gathering my thoughts. Excluding the classes side of it which I would not want to be a part of the ideal weekend I imagine, here is what an ideal weekend for me would be like. I would also exclude the part where my parents remind me for doing my homework or doing the usual chores.

So here is how I would want my ideal weekend to be: Waking up late in the morning when the sun shines to wake me up. I brush my teeth (obviously) and after brushing my teeth I sit in the living room reading a book in the morning which could be of any genre be it a thriller, non-fiction, or a book I read in the past. I have my favorite breakfast which is either eggs on toast, a heavy English breakfast, or a stuffed aloo paratha floating with butter (too many carbs!). It still goes incomplete without having a cup of chai or coffee. My ideal weekend is incomplete without at least one cup of coffee and it could be one in the morning or in the evening or both in the morning and the evening.

Later on, after having a heavy breakfast, I grab my guitar and begin to strum in a bunch of chords and sing the songs I know the chords of. Then I go downstairs with my bat to play cricket with my friends. Each of us writes down five names of batsmen and bowlers and if in case we have a left-hander then we have to switch our non-dominant hand to bowl or bat. In my case, I have this problem when it comes to having a right-hander to bat. I understand that I am digressing from my ideal weekend but this happens every weekend’s cricket so here are the left-handed batsmen I use in my imaginary team: Adam Gilchrist, Ishan Kishan, Yuvraj Singh, Ben Stokes, David Miller. Of course, we are absolutely nothing compared to these players but it is just a part of having fun. Playing cricket in the building goes on until you get hungry enough to have lunch.

When I come home after hours of sweating and enjoying cricket in the sun I take a shower and after that I play with my dog. Playing with her is always a delight until she gets bored. I eat my lunch which could be a pizza or pasta along with a brownie and a red velvet cheesecake. This is what I would imagine my ideal weekend to be like as I get to cheat on my diet. I take a small nap or watch something on the TV or listen to a podcast. Sometimes, if my creative side of the brain is awake then I start writing my novel or I write the next post for this blog, as I am doing right now. Soon then the evening comes when the sun sets, I sit on the sofa near the windowsill with some calming, relaxing and chill music as I sip the cup of coffee that I make.

The surrounding is very calming, this gives me an opportunity to jot down in my journal of the good things that happened this week and what am I grateful for which sparkles a smile on my face. I grab my sneakers, my headphones and my hoodie heading out for a jog in the evening and playing the special playlist that I groove on to which is a mix of songs that bring me joy, calmness and energy. Each song makes me smile and makes my sneakers take an extra step. Jogging with music on really helps me gain perspective on some things, it helps me be truly grateful and thankful for living a good life or the good memories I have had in the past 15 years of my life. Jogging becomes an excuse for me to rewind through some positive memories I have had in the past.

After coming back from a beautiful yet fit jog, I head to the bathroom for a long hot shower to take my sweat away (not a song reference). The warm shower on an ideal weekend is one of the things that gives me a lot of comfort. I cannot stay the whole night in the shower so I have to get out of the bathroom changing into my clothes. I have my ideal dinner which is healthy, nourishing and warm enough to comfort me into a good night’s sleep. A warm bowl of khichdi made by my mother or sister (I must learn the recipe from them). After a beautiful dinner I read a book, I browse through my apps on the phone while having another brownie (yes you must’ve realize by now that I love brownies) and then I close my eyes to end this beautiful day I have had.

Thanks for reading and I hope you also get your ideal weekend!

My Environment While Writing

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As a writer with a published novel and writing another one. I have realized what gets me into the zone of writing a novel and it is not just one certain thing. It is an entire environment that helps me and energizes me to write. I don’t want to sound as if I have the experience of what it is like to write a book as it has been six months since my first novel had been published but I would like to share the happy or the charged-up environment that I have observed while writing which makes me happy.

Any time of the day when my brain gets the idea to write something. I open the laptop flap and switch on the golden-yellow lamp lights. I tell Alexa to play the playlist that I have made specifically for writing. There is a big, warm cup of coffee specially made by me that charges me up but also comforts me. The music is being played on the speaker which has set the mood for writing with my favorite songs that get me into the groove. As I write, I can visualize what is happening as I type in a couple of words while writing. I take a sip of my wonderful coffee which adds more fuel to my brain to boost up my imagination.

The entire moment is beautiful, this is the reason why I enjoy writing more than anything else. It gives me peace of mind and calms me down, makes me happy, and makes me smile. As I get into writing, I ignore everything. My phone is not with me while writing there is no other tab unless and until there is some research that I am doing there is no social media, no YouTube, no Netflix because as much of an oldie I may sound, these are distractions that take my creativity away from me. To be honest, writing is surely a lonely process and it can get boring. But if you have the company of a writing playlist and a good hot cup of coffee then it is definitely not a lonely process at all.

PS: My writing playlist:

If you haven’t read my book, can buy my book on Amazon and please write a review when you get the time. Happy reading! 🙂

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The Last 21 Hours: With Best Friends

It had been two long years since my friends and I met. When the world went online, the non-virtual interaction faded away. Then one fine day our friend Rudraksh left the school and shifted to Bangalore. Cut to two years later, the second week of the month of July 2022, my friend Rudraksh surprises me by video calling me and saying ‘Yo Chinmay I’m in Pune!’ I was so surprised and shocked when I reacted to that. I made a plan on the spot for Rudraksh and two other friends of our gang to come over to our place for fun as we were meeting after a long time. The next day, Tarun,Mrugank, Rudraksh, and I were going to spend the best 7 hours. Mrugank and Rudraksh came in and we started playing a game of Risk the board game. Tarun turned up an hour late. We ordered pizzas and sodas and ended up having an entire feast that day. We watched 2 movies and little did we know that it was time up. Then we decided to have a sleepover instead of leaving them stating the matter that ‘It is quite unsafe for all my friends to go home.’ My parents did not waste a second in saying yes but now it was important for us to convince my friends’ parents. They too had no issues in having an impromptu last-minute sleepover request at the 11th hour.

We then decided to watch 2 standup comedy specials and after that, we prank-called a few people with our phones. It was a lot of fun. Later on, we had a long chat with coffee about some interesting conversations, anecdotes, and life updates. It was an excellent all-nighter. We watched three movies and 2 standup comedy specials in a matter of 21 hours. Then later in the morning we ding-dong ditched a few doors in the nearby building. That completely felt like an Ocean’s Mission where we rang a few doors and swiftly scampered away from that floor. We did not sleep even for an hour. We all had dark circles and our eyes were about to close but more than that. We ate a lot of food, did a lot of mischiefs and had a lot of fun!

My 15th Birthday!

20th April 2022. I woke up early and excited as always. For the past 2 years, I was unable to celebrate my birthday because of the pandemic and I was missing out on celebrating with friends. I decided to bring a cake to school and cut it and enjoy it with friends. The whole day I felt as if I was the king of the world. Hanging out with all my friends in school and enjoying the day was something I had not experienced for a while. I finally got the opportunity for this and I am extremely grateful for that day.

After coming back from school, I spent time with my family. I enjoyed every moment of my birthday without worrying about tomorrow. As I came back from school, the happy memories of all the trips, banter with friends, and moments with family flashed up in front of my eyes that bringing a smile to my face. I said to myself ‘I am going to be myself from now onwards.’ I was extremely grateful for all the wishes and all the fun I had that day.

Three days later, I went out with a few of my friends for lunch as a part of my belated birthday celebrations my friends insisted I make a plan and celebrate my birthday considering the madness of the past 2 years that has kept the celebration away.

I am extremely happy and I would like to thank everyone who was there with me.

Ancient University of Takshashila


When someone asks you, Which was one of the earliest universities globally? Answers will probably be Oxford or Cambridge maybe? Probably some university in the European subcontinent? But what if someone tells you that the oldest educational institution in the world was established long before universities like Oxford or Cambridge came into place? In Ancient India. Takshashila or Taxila (Rendered by Greeks) was the oldest and the first university in the world with the kind of curriculum we see in the modern-day universities predominantly in the West. However, in today’s day and time, Takshashila is a non-functional university after the White Huns invaded and destroyed the prestigious institute

It is believed that Takshashila University was located in the city of Takshashila (meaning city of stone) and was also named after King Taksha (son of Bharat. Lord Ram’s nephew from Ramayan). In today’s day and time, the university falls in the state of Rawalpindi in Pakistan. This university was the first-ever university in the world that was built in 600 BCE (approximately 2500+ years ago). This university attracted the attention of several foreigners including the Babylonians, Persians, Turks, Chinese, Tibetans, Japanese, and the Greeks. In today’s day, most Indians fly abroad for education. But in Ancient India, foreigners migrated to India to learn and complete their formal education at Taxila because of its relevant, advanced, and interesting curriculum.

Speaking of curriculum, Taxila University was vastly diverse in its curriculum and its academics as well. Students were selected on merit and each class or each department had not more than 16 students. Students were also allowed to select their own subjects based on their talent. The subjects too were quite vast and interesting. Students could opt and learn subjects such as Dhanurveda(Military science), law, Vedas, Vedanta, Vyakaran (grammar), Crafts, Strategy, Economics, Administration, Surgery, Medicine, Sciences, Astronomy, Astrology, Archery, History, Art, Music, Dance, and even snakebite cure too. However, in those days, these subjects were all interdisciplinary subjects taught in the form of philosophy. It is us who have divided these subjects, however, all these subjects are interlinked. For example subjects like Economics and Administration were taught as one interdisciplinary subject.

Looking at these subjects, I too would have wanted to study them. All students from multiple backgrounds of ethnicity, religion, caste, etc. were allowed to study and select any subject they wanted to regardless of their background. From the young royals to children of peasants, this university accepted everyone as long as they wanted to learn. Students who wanted to enroll were admitted at the age of 16 after the basic education that they received from the local gurukuls.

The alumni of the Takshashila University consisted of brilliant intellectuals like Chanakya (or Kautilya or Vishnugupta), a strategist and Prime Minister of the Gupta empire was one of notable alumni of the university. Even Chandragupt Maurya and Ashoka who were rulers of the Gupta Dynasty were a part of that university as well. Chanakya had been a tutor at that university and as a mentor and a guide to Chandragupt Maurya teaching him about military strategy and administration to train him as the future king of Bharat. Even the father of Indian grammar/vyakaran Panini too was from Takshashila as a teacher who taught grammar and as a student who learned languages. The author of the Panchatantra Vishnu Sharma also happens to be an alumnus of this prestigious university.

Hope you liked this story of the University of Ancient Takshashila. Do let me know in your comments about this story.

Thank you!

New Blog Series: Untold India

Dear Readers! This 2022, Stories, You & Me has decided to change itself and revolve itself as ‘Untold India: India’s Untold Stories For You’. What drove me into creating this was the fact that others and I should know about India, my country, my culture. There are beautiful stories that are unheard of about my beautiful country.

It’s been 75 years of independence and hence an apt time to share the inspiring stories that have shaped the fabric of India. This platform of ‘Untold India’ will tell you all those stories about India that will reflect the rich history and I plan to tell our history to the world. This blog will not only help you in knowing a lot about India, but it will also help you in knowing a lot about our roots, our culture, and our heritage.

A blog regarding our untold stories will come every two weeks as I have to manage my academics and also work on this and research too.

Stay Tuned!

My Book: The Last 21 Hours

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The Last 21 Hours: A Bullet That Shook The White House, is a nail-biting, fast-paced thriller that shows the Vice-President taking over the presidency after the brutal assassination of a sitting president. To find the assassin, an FBI agent is assigned to take any call whatsoever to ruthlessly destroy the perpetrator. This book will make you sit on the edge of your seat till the end of it. It has a climax you may not have thought of and a traitor on the inside you never expected.

The story is divided into two parts. From Chapter 1 to Chapter 27 the new President tries to stabilize the country and bring in official governance as the assassin is on the run. From Chapter 28 to Chapter 50, the government and the FBI race against time to save the country as the threat towards the government grows exponentially.

The new President and his security team plan to do their best and make sure that this crisis is resolved as soon as possible. FBI’s best agent, Jason Edmunds, and his team have a huge responsibility to find the conspiracy behind the assassination of the President and try to prevent another assassination on President Harrison. Meanwhile, there is a group of people called ‘The Big Wave’ that plan to destroy the entire US government with contacts in the government itself and with contacts in the entire world.

By every chapter inside the book, the President’s life slides on thin ice as their level of danger increases with the Big Wave coming up with dangerous attacks that will destroy the entire country, entire government as well as the US President. There are several attacks that are about to come and the FBI will do its best at shielding their President from danger.

In a matter of two to three weeks time. The Big Wave is making more moves ruthlessly, dangerously, and smartly. The United States Government is about to wage a war against the Big Wave. For that, the FBI will have to race against time to save their president, their country, and their government from a sinister conspiracy that will break the entire nation in a matter of weeks to come.

My Favorite Cricketers

Hello Readers! Since the IPL has ended and the T20 World Cup has begun, I have resumed my obsession with the sport cricket. I thought that I must write something related to cricket and I thought of talking about my favorite cricketers that made me love the sport even more. Watching all these cricketing legends is quite fun to watch yet there is one thing that I also take away from each one of my heroes. Do tell me your list of cricketers or any sportspersons in the comments.

1. Sunil Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar a.k.a Sunny Gavaskar (played from 1971-1987) is someone whom I consider as one of the best batsmen of all time. Back then, when Gavaskar played cricket, there were no helmets, powerplays, limited bouncers, etc. Sunil Gavaskar wore a white Panama cricket hat and started playing. In fact, the then bowlers were extremely tall and they could bowl multiple bouncers which scared the batsmen. The batsmen’s t-shirts were smudged with the bouncers they faced by the tall and bulky bowlers from the West Indies. Another fun fact I heard about Gavaskar was that a day before he debuted, a small ice cube created a problem inside Sunil Gavaskar had asked a teammate to pour a pitcher of ice-cold water down his throat at the end of a grueling training session. A small piece of ice got lodged in a tooth cavity, starting off spasms of excruciating pain that dogged him throughout the match. This means whenever I am doing something and I am in pain then I will remember Gavaskar’s ice-in-tooth story in such situations.

2. Sachin Tendulkar

Now if I am talking about my favorite cricketers, then how can I not forget the God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar (played from 1989-2013). Sachin Tendulkar for me is not just a god but a cricketing superhero as well. I look at his elegant and classy batting styles like his backfoot straight drives, cover drives, flick shots. Tendulkar being another short-heightened batsman like Gavaskar also happened to defeat the tallest and the strongest bowlers in the world. When Sachin played the second test of his cricketing career. His nose was destroyed by a bouncer bowled by Waqar Younis who was a dangerous fast bowler from Pakistan. His white-colored cricket shirt was covered in blood, the Pakistani players sledged him to go back as he was too young to play since he was just 15 years old and even the teammates suggested that he should go back to the pavilion and come back after a few wickets. The Master Blaster Tendulkar stood on the pitch saying ‘Main Khelega’ (‘I’ll Play’). After wiping off the blood, Sachin Tendulkar scored 57* runs not out. The two key takeaways from Sachin Tendulkar would be to be humble no matter how great you are as a player and the second one would be to be tough and never give up just like he never gave up during Waqar Younis’ bouncer.

3. MS Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni or MS Dhoni (played from 2004-2019) is someone that I consider to be the greatest captain of Indian cricket as he is the one and only captain to bring India to win the T20 World Cup of 2007, the 2011 ODI World Cup, and the 2013 Champions Trophy. Whenever I see Dhoni on-field during any of the India matches or the IPL matches, he looks extremely calm, composed, and chilled out, and after a few moments, you see Captain Cool finishing off the match. I will never forget how Dhoni finished off India vs Bangladesh Semi-Final with the run-out after an almost no-win situation. One more thing that I appreciate about him is that when his team loses he walks in the front and takes responsibility for it and when his team wins, he doesn’t take the whole credit and walks behind the team during a victory. One takeaway from MS Dhoni would be to stay calm and stay cool.

4. Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh (playing from 2000-) is my favorite left-handed batsman. I always enjoyed his hard-hitting batting style and his style of hitting those shots was extremely fun to watch. I do remember hearing that Yuvraj Singh batted and bowled through the entire 2011 world cup while having cancer and ended up winning Man Of The Series for the 2011 World Cup. And how to not forget his 6 sixes, even though I was a baby when this happened but even when I watched that 6 sixes masterpiece, I am in that hype thinking that the 6 sixes moment is happening in front of me. Just like Yuvi, I always try to think that I can face any tough situation. In fact, whenever I have a math exam, the day before is spent watching Yuvraj Singh’s 6 sixes in a row which gives me the confidence to give the math exam without fear. For the upcoming exams that I am going to have, I will spend 5 minutes watching the 6 sixes.

5. AB De Villiers

AB De Villiers (played from 2004-2018) was a former South African captain and player, AB De Villiers still plays the IPL for the Royal Challengers Bangalore which means that it gives me more chances to watch Mr. 360 bat. AB De Villiers holds the record for the faster century, half-century, and the quickest 150 in international cricket. The reason is that when ABD walks on the field, he looks like he has no fear of getting out and hitting the ball and is waiting to hit the next ball. I also like the fact of how he has fun with his kids or how he has fun with his teammates after every game. My takeaway from De Villiers is to simply stay confident and play your A-game without any fear of failing.

6. Brett Lee

Brett Lee (played from 2000-2015) was a former Australian fast-bowler. Lee is still my favorite bowler and I always try to attempt his crazy ultimate yorkers every time I play cricket. I always watch Brett Lee’s bowling whenever I feel bored, just for the sake of entertainment and I always wondered how this man could bowl at the speed of 160 kilometers per hour and how could he take 300+ international wickets. Besides the sporting aspect, I am envious of Brett Lee’s clever and witty sense of humor that makes him goofy and funny as a person.

7. Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes (playing from 2011) is my favorite all-rounder ever. Just like Stokes, I too am a left-handed batsman and a right-arm fast-bowler. Whenever there was an India vs England match, I waited to watch Ben Stokes and others like Jonny Bairstow, Jos Butler, and Joe Root. I was looking forward to Ben Stokes’s bowling and batting all the time. And I obviously could not forget how he became the World Cup hero for England in 2019. Ben Stokes will be one of my favorite all-rounders of all time ever.

8. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli (playing from 2008) is my favorite batsman ever. He may look aggressive on-field but at the end of the match, he is the post-match-gentleman. I look up to Virat Kohli for his dedication to fitness. Getting low runs to getting the highest runs requires a lot of mental determination and that is why I look up to him. I also try copying Virat Kohli’s flick shots, backfoot punches, and excellent cover drive. Virat Kohli is my favorite batsman ever and I like his quick pace while running between the wickets.

These are my favorite cricketers. I have learned a lot of them and I also have tried imitating their cricketing shots. Hope you liked this blog and I am sure you might have some of your favorite cricketers that match in this list

Thank you and stay safe